Network+ IT Essentials

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Become a Network+ IT Specialist

Master the essential skills to manage, configure, and troubleshoot computer networks with Network+ IT Essentials. Gain valuable expertise in network hardware, protocols, troubleshooting, and security to thrive in today's competitive IT landscape.

Course Schedule
40 Hours | In-Person
Monday-Thursday Evenings,
2 weeks, OR 4 Consecutive Saturdays
Course Difficulty
Associated Certifications 
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Full Course Description
Network+ IT Essentials is a comprehensive course designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to manage, configure, and troubleshoot computer networks effectively. Covering a wide range of networking topics, this course provides hands-on experience and in-depth understanding of modern network technologies.
Course Schedule
This course meets M-Th evenings for 5-hours of instruction (6-11 pm) over a 2 week period OR four consecutive Saturdays (8am-6pm) for a total of 40 hours of LIVE online instruction. Regularly scheduled breaks are included.
Houston, TX
06/03/24 - 06/13/24
Associated Certifications
Network+ IT Essentials prepares you for the CompTIA Network+ certification exam, validating your skills and expertise in network management and troubleshooting. Completing this training opens doors to various IT roles, including network technician, network administrator, and IT support specialist. Our Network+ IT Essentials Bundle or Network+ Test Prep Package are recommended for those preparing for the certification exam.
High Level Skills You’ll Gain From This Training
Understanding OSI and TCP/IP models and their applications in networking
Configuring and troubleshooting network topologies, cabling, and protocols
Managing network devices and implementing IP addressing and subnetting schemes
Deploying wireless networks and understanding cloud computing concepts
Securing networks against various threats and vulnerabilities
Troubleshooting network issues using industry-standard tools and techniques
Additional Skills You’ll Build In This Course
Exploring advanced network operations and security concepts
Optimizing network performance and reliability
Designing and configuring network architectures to meet organizational requirements
Understanding transport layer protocols, network services, and applications
Configuring and managing cloud-based network infrastructures
Implementing disaster recovery and business continuity measures
Developing remote access solutions for enhanced connectivity