Cybersecurity First Responder Test Prep Bundle

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40 Hours Online 
Course Difficulty
Certification Prep CyberSec Cybersecurity First Responder (CFR)

Cybersecurity First Responder Bundle

Become an "EMT" of information security and earn the CFR credential from CertNexus. Armed with this first-responder skill set, you'll be on the scene at the battle's front in a cyber attack to secure compromised data and mitigate damage before it's too late. Be among the first to recognize and respond to cyber attacks, performing on-the-scene “triage” to diagnose the problem, then “stop the bleeding.” Be part of the solution that can save all stakeholders, inside of your organization and out.

Full Course Description

The Cybersecurity First Responder Bundle will provide you with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to identify, respond to, protect against, and remediate malicious activities involving computer systems. Demonstrate the capacity to handle a changing threat landscape, assess risk and vulnerabilities, acquire and analyze data, determine scope, recommend remediation, and report results. The course will also prep you for the CFR certification exam from CertNexus.

Threats to networks continue to increase dramatically and the vulnerability of the data on those networks creates intolerable risks for organizations and all their stakeholders, inside and out. Cyber security now demands robust teams of skilled professionals within any enterprise structure to anticipate, guard against, recognize and identify those threats, expeditiously intercept and remediate and repair damage.

The demand for network security professionals has never been higher and is still on the rise. With an ever-expanding surface of attack throughout networks enhanced by cloud and mobility, you can now be part of the growing army of first responders, battling to win the war on cyber crime. This bundle will also help prepare you for the Cybersec First Responder (CFR) certification from CertNexus.

Certifications associated with this training

This course bundle will help you prepare for the Cybersec First Responder (CFR) exam and credential from CertNexus. It includes a 4-hour instructor-led test prep session and CFR exam voucher.

Your new skill set

Specifically identify, classify, and remediate threats to an organization, using threat research techniques. Read and interpret vulnerability assessment tools output to identify threats to specific types of technology. Emphasis is placed on the procedural requirements of responding to an incident. Develop the procedural skills  required to conduct effective digital forensic investigations.

High level skills you’ll gain from this training:

  • Conduct security audits to assess cybersecurity risk & threat landscape
  • Reconnaissance Threat analysis through IT infrastructure assessment
  • Compile cybersecurity information intelligence
  • Define appropriate responses from the analysis of collected intelligence
  • Investigate cybersecurity incidents and respond accordingly
  • Cybersecurity Attack Analysis
  • Active Asset, Network Analysis
  • Cybersecurity Incident Response
  • Calculating Aggregate CIA Scores
  • Risk Assessments, Security Updates, and Plan creation
  • Exam Preparation

Additional skills you’ll build in this course:

  • Integrating Documentation into Risk Management
  • Constructing a Threat Profiles
  • Trends Analysis Affecting Security Posture
  • Performing Network Reconnaissance
  • Recon Incident Examination
  • Assessing Social Engineering impacts
  • Conducting Social Engineering tests
  • Assessing the Impact of Systems Hacking Attacks, Web-Based Threats, Malware, and DDoS Incidents
  • Analyzing Attacks on Computing and Network Environments
  • Assessing the Impact of Hijacking and Impersonation Attacks
  • Command and Control, Lateral Movement,Pivoting and Anti-Forensics Techniques and Assessing their impact
  • Penetration Testing on Network Assets
  • Network-Based Security Intelligence collection
  • Completely Erasing Data from a Disk
  • Managing Vulnerabilities in the Organization
  • Conducting Vulnerability Scans
  • Collecting Host-Based Security Intelligence
  • Identifying and Analyzing an Incident using Windows and Linux tools
  • Containing, Mitigating, and Recovering from Incidents
  • Active Asset and Network Analysis
  • Analyzing Indicators of Compromise
  • Developing an Incident Response System
  • Disabling the Windows Command Prompt
  • Securely Collecting Electronic Evidence
  • Recovering Deleted Data
  • Tracking Attackers Using Shellbags
  • And more…

:Who will benefit from this training?

An excellent place to establish yourself as a leader in the world of cybersecurity, especially if you’re blessed with a bit of a “hero complex.” It’s recommended that you have at least 3 to 5  years of experience in IT, with a strong grasp of network technology, like TCP/IP, network security and VPNs. Experience should include professional credentials and/or track record in network administration, cybersecurity, or similar IT functions. 

Cybersecurity First Responder Syllabus