Cybersecurity Analyst Test Prep Bundle

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Master the skills of a Cybersecurity Analyst

This is your CyberSecurity Analyst skill set training. In this role, you will monitor and manage networks to protect the security of systems and data. This 40-hour training will arm you with the tools, knowledge, and skills necessary to function in this critical role and prepare you for the CySA certification exam.

Course Schedule
40 Hours | Online
Monday-Thursday Evenings,
2 weeks, OR 4 Consecutive Saturdays
Course Difficulty
Associated Certifications 
CompTIA Cyber Security Analyst (CySA+)

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Full Course Description

The Cybersecurity Analyst Bundle is a course designed to prepare you to take on the responsibilities associated with this pivotal role on the information security squad within your organization (or another) or to expand your capabilities in the role if you already hold that title. You’ll also be readied for the CySA+ certification test from CompTIA. 

Based on the essential knowledge and skills associated with CySA+, students who successfully complete this training will demonstrate competence in a variety of specific tasks expected of the security analyst. You will gain in-depth knowledge of various tools associated with threat detection and risk mitigation and how to configure and use them in securing networks and data. You will also advance your ability to monitor and analyze network activity in order to identify malware and other potential threats and recommend or implement appropriate countermeasures.

Course Schedule
This course meets M-Th evenings for 5-hours of instruction (6-11 pm) over a 2 week period OR four consecutive Saturdays (8am-6pm) for a total of 40 hours of LIVE online instruction. Regularly scheduled breaks are included. 
Associated Certifications
This bundle will help you prepare for the Cyber Security Analyst (CySA+) certification exam from CompTIA. It includes a 4-hour instructor-led test prep session and CySA+ exam voucher.
High Level Skills You’ll Gain From This Training
Identify the presence of malware on the network and recommend tools and strategies to mitigate the threat
Configure and use threat detection tools and protocols
Recognize Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) across a broad attack surface
Analyze network performance data to identify vulnerabilities, threats, risks, and potential data breaches or malware attacks
Additional Skills You’ll Build In This Course
Network topology discovery (passive & active)
How to monitor network servers for security
DNS harvesting
Compliance patching
Implementing the CISCO Adaptive Security Appliance
Vulnerability scanning with MBSA and Nessus
GRE tunnel connectivity - configuration, verification, troubleshooting
Security assessments and compliance
User account security and data privacy protocols
And more…
Social Engineering Reconnaissance
Gathering and interpreting threat intelligence
Packet sniffing
Data encryption and hashing
IOS features for threat mitigation
Introduction to digital forensics
Vulnerability detection using IPv4/IPv6 access lists for traffic filtering
AlienVault Monitoring & Reporting - SIEM and Netflow
Software development security measures
Windows command line tools for threat detection & mitigation
Identifying attack types, assessing risk, deploying countermeasures
Implementing SSl VPN using ASA Device Manager
Intrusion detection and traffic analysis
Implementing initial and advanced phases of incident response
Port security configuration, verification, & troubleshooting
Manual SQL injection and password cracking - DVWA
Wireless & cloud security assessment tools and methods