Cybersecurity Ethical Hacker

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Become a Cybersecurity Ethical Hacker

As an “Ethical Hacker” (or “penetration tester”), you’ll acquire the essential skills to challenge your organization's security protocols and see if you can bypass their firewalls. You’ll expose vulnerabilities, help find the fixes, and provide greater protection from outside threats. And you’ll become a key link in this exciting and challenging area of IT cybersecurity.

Course Schedule
40 Hours | In-Person
Monday-Thursday Evenings,
2 weeks, OR 4 Consecutive Saturdays
Course Difficulty
Associated Certifications 
EC Council Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

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Full Course Description
Cybersecurity Ethical Hacker prepares you to become the white-hat hero in any organization’s cybersecurity team, as you simulate the efforts of malicious intruders in the effort to thwart actual “bad guys” before they can compromise your organization’s information systems. While other team members’ jobs are to stop you from “getting in,” your job is to expose the holes they leave behind and help fix them prior to outside attacks.

Based on the essential knowledge and skills associated with the EC Council CEH credential, students who successfully complete this training will demonstrate competence in tasks and skills specific to penetration testing, detecting, diagnosing, deterring, mitigating and stopping cyber attacks.

You will be prepared tIn o perform system-invading “hacks” and attacks to expose and repair enterprise level faults in cybersecurity protocols and practices, employers must be aware of to protect their cyber assets.
Course Schedule
This course meets M-Th evenings for 5-hours of instruction (6-11 pm) over a 2 week period OR four consecutive Saturdays (8am-6pm) for a total of 40 hours of LIVE online instruction. Regularly scheduled breaks are included.
High Level Skills You’ll Gain From This Training
Penetration test planning and scoping as a Pen Tester.
Intel gathering on network targets using scanning and enumerating skills, including identifying vulnerabilities.
Understand social engineering attacks, exploit network-based vulnerabilities, and intercept traffic via on-path (man-in-the-middle) attacks
Report generation, explaining pen testing protocols, execution, findings and recommendations
Certification test preparation, including practice tests
How to use Metasploitable, DVWA, Oracle VM manager and other tools in discovering, exploiting and thwarting system vulnerabilities.
Location of vulnerabilities and how to penetrate a network in order to run exploits, then how to report those vulnerabilities to the client for remediation
Use of pen testing tools like Aircrack-NG, Immunity Debugger, John the Ripper, Nmap, Nslookup, etc.
Additional Skills You’ll Build In This Course
Footprinting Through Search Engine & Web Services
Gaining system access
Infecting Target Systems with Virus
Performing Intrusion Detection
Evasion techniques
Detecting SQL injection vulnerabilities
Performing Cryptanalysis
Performing port and service discovery
Maintaining Remote Access
Performing SNMP Enumeration
Detecting Malicious Network Traffic using HoneyBOT
Footprinting web infrastructure
Perform privilege escalation to gain higher privileges
Scanning beyond IDS and Firewall
Hiding Malicious Activities
Performing DoS and DDoS attacks
Session Hacking
Web Spidering using OWASP ZAP
Encrypting using various cryptography tools
And more…