CISCO Cyber Operations Specialist

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Become CyberOps specialized with prestigious CISCO training

Join the Cybersecurity "Seal Team Six" for your organization with elite level expertise. Master the skills needed to fully implement effective cyber-defense and counter-assault measures at an advanced level of enterprise operations.

Course Schedule
40 Hours | In-Person
Monday-Thursday Evenings,
2 weeks, OR 4 Consecutive Saturdays
Course Difficulty
Associated Certifications 
CISCO CyberOps Associate

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Full Course Description
CISCO Cyber Operations Specialist prepares you for advanced associate-level roles in Security Operations Centers, so you can prevent, detect, and defend against cybersecurity threats at an enterprise level. Gain proficiency in the ability to identify, assess, respond to, and protect against those threats, and operate a system and network security analysis platform.

Students will gain knowledge and develop skills related to security concepts, security monitoring, host-based analysis, network intrusion analysis, and security policies and procedures as well as preparation for the updated Cisco CyberOps Associate certification exam.
Course Schedule
This course meets M-Th evenings for 5-hours of instruction (6-11 pm) over a 2 week period OR four consecutive Saturdays (8am-6pm) for a total of 40 hours of LIVE online instruction. Regularly scheduled breaks are included.
Your New Skill Set
Prepare to meet current and future threats to critical data and network infrastructure and be ready to work in a Security Operations Center (SOC). Understand and work with defense-in-depth, attack vectors, attack surfaces, and data types. Develop proficiency in host-based security monitoring, malware analysis tools, intrusion detection and prevention mechanisms, and much more.
High Level Skills You’ll Gain From This Training
Security Concepts for Network Devices and operations
Security Monitoring
Network Intrusion Analysis
Threat Mitigation Report Analysis
Developing Security Policies and Procedures
Defense against Data Loss
Host Based Analysis
Monitoring from Linux Command Line
Identification of Forensic Evidence
Certification test preparation, including practice tests
Additional Skills You’ll Build In This Course
Filtering, Packet Capture and Packet Analysis
Utilizing Attack Trees
SSL/TLS Components
Log Data Interpretation
Categorize and Classify Intrusions
5-Tuple correlation and Data normalization
Firepower Management, Console Analysis, and Analysis Methods
Security Attack Concepts
Setup CyberOps VM Machine
Mastery of Windows and Linux Host Terminology
Incident Response Protocols
Handling Incident Events and Evidence
Network and Web Attacks and Evasions
Securing File Systems
Digital Signatures
Understanding Process, Threads, Handles and Windows Registry
CSIRT Goals and Cybersec Elements
Attacking a mySQL Database
CVSS 3.0 Scoring
And more…